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A Sonnet on Thanksgiving

I used to write poetry when I was in high school as an extension of my emotions and perception of the world at the time. I am no Elizabeth Barrett Browning or Robert Frost but for me poetry has a way of speaking to life in ways simple narrative or prose cannot. Perhaps that is why Job is my favorite book in Scripture and why I am always drawn to Psalms in different seasons of my life. I want to start sharing some poems I write with the understanding that these are personal, theological and filled with life experience. If I have helped someone see the world in a better place then these poems would have not gone in vain. Enjoy today’s submission. It is a sonnet completed in ABBAABBA CDCDCD rhyming format.

Let me know your thoughts…

A Sonnet on Thanksgiving

Gracious Lord here I stand,

trying to be grateful for all things

but this world presses hard with her stings.

You promised to help with your right hand,

your strength as numerous as the sand.

Take me Lord to a high place with your wings,

to live life from your springs,

and eternal love from your land.


Precious Abba I trust you will act

because of your holy reputation,

and with your grace you will attract

those who wrestle with chains of speculation.

So “Thank you Lord,” I say with all tact,

for you ransomed me from sheer desolation.