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My name is Robbie Mackenzie and I am glad you found your way through the internet to my site. I am grateful for your time and energy looking at some of the things I have to say. Of course, what I have to say comes from my own experience and I am neither an expert nor the end-all on any particular matter. Many times you will see that I am writing about things I full don’t understand and this is an avenue at which I am attempting to journey into that unknown land. I had a blog for five years but stopped for a break in 2014. You might say it was a hiatus but I look at it as a Sabbath. Please subscribe via email to receive my posts directly. I am also looking to have some other voices on here so please feel free to add your thoughts to the conversation.

Here are some things I plan on writing about:

  • Ministry
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Family Life
  • Culture
  • Theology

I do not plan on wasting my time with politics. I am ignorant on those subjects even though sometimes the two intertwine it seems. I also will try to avoid negative and hurtful posts about a church or The Church. At times a prophetic voice is needed and I will speak to that when I feel lead to but I will not do so in a cynical or bitter manner. I must be helpful and not hurtful.


I am a youth minister for a wonderful church in Joelton, Tennessee. I am married and have four beautiful kids. Feel free to email me or ask me a question if you would like. I hope you are at least challenged by some of the things you read here. If I can ever help please contact me.

~ Robbie

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